About the Book

The God Box is the mature work of an experienced minister who has honed her skills and her theology for almost four decades of church work. Here, Lynn Neu tackles the tough theological issues surrounding prayer in our postmodern world:

  • . Is it realistic to pray?
  • . Does prayer really work?
  • . Should we be praying for miracles?
  • . How can we tell if our prayers are answered?

In The God Box, readers witness the faith and struggles of a community who learn from each other how to pray, how to surrender, how to hope, how to grieve, and how to celebrate life. Overflowing with information, experiences, quotations, ideas, insights, prayers, poems, and hope, The God Box offers practical wisdom about how to heal and sustain your life. And, for those interested, it includes everything you need to know about creating your own online community of loving kindness.

If you’re looking for just the right book for someone going through tough times, this could be it!

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ISBN13:  978-1-4415-5389-8
ISBN13: 978-1-4415-5390-4